About The Aurora

The World's Only D.C. Powered Rotary Screw Instrument Air System


• Zero Emissions • Compact Powerful and Quiet
• Portable Universal Packaging • Easy To Transfer
• High Output 24/7 All Weather Operation

Research And Development

Over a decade of research, development and rigorous testing in extreme environments, has enabled Airworks Compressors Corp. to create an off-grid D.C. instrument air package unparalleled in today’s market

Go Green

Airworks is the industry leader in clean technology for instrument air applications. We are working with you to decrease your carbon footprint and to conserve valuable fossil fuels. The Aurora Instrument Air Package is your environmental advantage


From its extensive applications, cost savings and performance, our D.C. powered instrument air system is designed to meet all of our customer needs

Specs And Features

Download: Operations ManualDrawings

Standard Features

• Direct Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressor
• 10 to 60 CFM 150 PSI Output
• Zero Emissions
• Charge From Solar, Wind, TEG, 1 ph A/C Power
• Auto Start/Stop
• Silent Operation – 64 dB
• Soft Start and Adjustable Demand Features
• Digital Display
• SCADA Compatible
• USB Diagnostic Cable

Optional Features

• A/C Power Inverter
• Heli-Portable Package
• Custom Package Configuration
• Satellite Monitoring
• Wind Turbine
• SCADA Package


• Air Up To 60 CFM
• Instrument Air
• Compressor Stations
• Gas Well Sites
• Mining
• Military
• Stationary Units
• Remote Locations
• Back Up Systems
• High Altitude
• Underground

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